Challenge Accepted

A friend of mine challenged me to try a dating website because…well, because why not?  Right, why not indeed.  I forget what exactly it was that we were talking about, but ultimately due to my location I am not in an ideal area to meet anyone, at least not organically.  I mean sure I could go to the hottest new night club, but that’s just not my scene.  So challenge accepted.

I of course have to do this broke b**** style and find something that’s free.  And I’m not going to actually use a site, so an app will do.  I don’t hear anything good about any of them, but I picked the app that I am using based on it’s user rating lol.  I know there are a few success stories out there be it for finding “the one” or just forging new friendships with whatever that entails for you, but from what I have encountered so far I don’t think I will be added to the lucky few.  But I’m going to see what happens.

It’s been about five days and so far I am regretting this challenge lol.  Some of it is humorous and some of it sad.  Most of the messages are coming from guys who probably aren’t even trying or perhaps they are.  The spelling errors alone are cringe worthy to me.  I am no English major or a writer by far but I’ve spent 12 years in school along with some college and I’ll be damned if I don’t try to use what I’ve learned!!  One guy spelled Oakland Raiders “Okaland Raders”.  Even my autocorrect wanted to fix this so what the hell was his deal?

Other things that have me disappointed is the text speak and the long jump from “Hi” to “have you had your p**** eaten from the back” or some rendition of that and the inability to form complete sentences or to just converse all together.  It’s a lost art.  Am I asking or seeking too much of this challenge?  Is intelligence too much?  I mean I didn’t jump into this for sex, I just wanted to meet someone.

There might be a smidge of hope.  There is one prospect.  He has been really nice and non aggressive so far.  His conversation skills are passable, but by far he’s passing everyone else by leaps and bounds.

I even stepped outside my comfort zone and messaged someone because I was so move by his “About Me” blurb.  It was very well written that I couldn’t not say anything.  I had a total braingasm.  Full sentences, words spelled out, and a touch of wit.  What can I say?  I’m a sapiosexual lol.  He may not respond and that’s okay, but I tried.

This challenge is reaffirming a few things for me and also teaching me a few things and that should always be a good thing right?  At any rate I’ll see what else this challenge brings.


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