Hurt over Sheppard’s Pie

You ever have that family member (or maybe a few) that you love dearly but you can’t be too sure how they feel about you due to all the f***ed up things they say to you.  It may not be intentional, but it hurts all the same?  And sometimes it’s best not to even say anything about what was said because…well it’s just best.

Let me give you a few examples.  The first one being me and said family member discussing my gluten allergy and how my body reacts to it.  I don’t require an epipen or anything but my body is in a constant state of inflammation and it’s even more difficult for me to get my fine on (lose weight).  This convo came about because I was preparing a gluten free Sheppard’s Pie that was only purchased due to some random coupon being found.  Now given the size of this Sheppard’s Pie one would believe it was a single serve meal.  Or at least I did.  And all the while when I was preheating the oven, nothing was specifically said about halfing or sharing this meal.  So the family member went out for a few hours and there I sat as I usually do every night, alone on the couch with my dinner, notepad, Mambi planner, and the tv on whatever I happen to be binge watching.

Let me tell you this is the first Sheppard’s Pie that I’ve ever had and it was delicious.  I’m sure there are various ways to make this, but this particular pie was just ground beef, corn and mashed potatoes.  Simple enough, but awesome to me.  I ate it ALL.  I’ll restate again, I thought it was a single serve.  Plus it was DELICIOUS.

The family member comes home and all is nice and cheerful at first.  Usual greetings and chatting commence.  Then I’m asked how the pie was.  I give my reply (see above).  Then I get asked if I ate it all to which I reply that I did.  That wasn’t the right answer.  Longer story short, the conversation ended with a cut throat reply of “that’s why you can’t lose weight because you just sit on the couch.”  I know better than to reply to this so I sit there hurt and angry.  Are you that upset over a Sheppard’s Pie?

I bought another pie just for them the next day.  It has yet to be touched.

Another comment was over the phone when the family member was at Wal-Mart.  They called to see if I needed anything and I didn’t.  The family member commented it was time to leave since the outfits in there were getting out of hand and that people probably go in Wal-Mart dressed all crazy for the photos that are taken of them and posted.  I was then told of a lady that was “bigger than me” wearing short shorts showing booty cheeks.  Apparently people were doing double takes looking at her.  She was compared/equated to me walking outside in panties (which is something that I would never do).  I was stunned.  I couldn’t speak cause I felt I was literally slapped through the phone.

I tried being as snide as I could by asking if the comparison being made towards me was that bad.  The question was totally lost on the family member because they answered yes without a moments hesitation.  Is this tough love or something else?

I add this to my mental list as I do with everything else.  Holding on to this isn’t good, but I can’t let it go either.


Challenge Accepted

A friend of mine challenged me to try a dating website because…well, because why not?  Right, why not indeed.  I forget what exactly it was that we were talking about, but ultimately due to my location I am not in an ideal area to meet anyone, at least not organically.  I mean sure I could go to the hottest new night club, but that’s just not my scene.  So challenge accepted.

I of course have to do this broke b**** style and find something that’s free.  And I’m not going to actually use a site, so an app will do.  I don’t hear anything good about any of them, but I picked the app that I am using based on it’s user rating lol.  I know there are a few success stories out there be it for finding “the one” or just forging new friendships with whatever that entails for you, but from what I have encountered so far I don’t think I will be added to the lucky few.  But I’m going to see what happens.

It’s been about five days and so far I am regretting this challenge lol.  Some of it is humorous and some of it sad.  Most of the messages are coming from guys who probably aren’t even trying or perhaps they are.  The spelling errors alone are cringe worthy to me.  I am no English major or a writer by far but I’ve spent 12 years in school along with some college and I’ll be damned if I don’t try to use what I’ve learned!!  One guy spelled Oakland Raiders “Okaland Raders”.  Even my autocorrect wanted to fix this so what the hell was his deal?

Other things that have me disappointed is the text speak and the long jump from “Hi” to “have you had your p**** eaten from the back” or some rendition of that and the inability to form complete sentences or to just converse all together.  It’s a lost art.  Am I asking or seeking too much of this challenge?  Is intelligence too much?  I mean I didn’t jump into this for sex, I just wanted to meet someone.

There might be a smidge of hope.  There is one prospect.  He has been really nice and non aggressive so far.  His conversation skills are passable, but by far he’s passing everyone else by leaps and bounds.

I even stepped outside my comfort zone and messaged someone because I was so move by his “About Me” blurb.  It was very well written that I couldn’t not say anything.  I had a total braingasm.  Full sentences, words spelled out, and a touch of wit.  What can I say?  I’m a sapiosexual lol.  He may not respond and that’s okay, but I tried.

This challenge is reaffirming a few things for me and also teaching me a few things and that should always be a good thing right?  At any rate I’ll see what else this challenge brings.

A Canele and a Talk

I recently met up with a good friend of mine to catch up and to pick up some jewelry that I had ordered from her.  She makes some beautiful pieces and ever so often we will meet up in the mornings at the coffee house where she used to work and where we happened to meet.

This time I suggested to switch it up and meet at the donut shop across from the coffee house where it all began for us.  Since the coffee house has done a total reorganization of it’s employees the vibe of the place just isn’t the same.  And being a former employee I figured she probably didn’t want to be in there either.  I know I wouldn’t want to be.

This donut shop is really cute!  Standard donuts with some fancy upscale stuff and some fancy pastries.  I could not make up my mind.  In the end I decided to try something that I have never seen before.  I asked the lady behind the counter what it was and she said it was a canelè.  Not only have I never seen that but I’ve ever heard of it either.  So I gave it a shot.

A canelè is a small French pastry flavored with rum and vanilla with a soft and tender custard center and a dark, thick carmalized crust.  It takes the shape of a small, striated cylinder up to five centimeters in height with a depression at the top.  Thank you Wikipedia, because all I could describe a canelè as is pure deliciousness.

The talk and the pick up were superb as always.  I finally got to unload about the “Via Text” incident.  It was so good to explain all the facts and to show all my Nancy Drew findings and to hear that someone else feel that my ex employer was just looking for an excuse to get rid of me no mater how low or lame.  Can you tell that I’m still bothered by it?  Cause I am lol.

My friend told me of her big news.  She’s leaving for a while for greener pastures – literally.  She’s headed to Colorado!!  I’m so excited for her!!!  Fresh air, new adventures, new ideas/creativity for jewelry ideas or whatever she decides to do.  I’m going to miss her, but I understand that this needs to happen and I wish her the best of luck on her new journey.  I so wish that I could just pack up and go with her.  I could use a change of scenery and people myself.  Maybe one day it will happen for me too.

I’ll see her in a few months at our new spot and the plan is to have a giant box of pastries and our stories lined up for sharing.  I can’t wait!!!


Via Text

So today I was let go from the salon up at the top of the hill.  Why?  I’ll get to that in a minute.  I’m hurt and sad about it with a bunch of other emotions but the decision was made based on a one sided view over a meme that I posted that wasn’t even directed at this person.  I posted it over something that was texted in a group text that didn’t sit with me too well.  Hence my reason for posting the meme.  It wasn’t offensive, it didn’t state any names, and there was no cussing, but it was an emotional outlet since I have no one interested in being my sounding board when I have to vent.

Now what I’m really wondering is what prompted this person to even look at my IG page.  She’s had access for months and has never liked/and or felt the need to take a screen shot of anything until today.  And instead of talking to me about it, (which on the day it was posted I did tell her what was going on) she decides to fire me via text message.  But just as I feel I had a right to post my annoyed meme because of how I was feeling, I can see she had the right to let me go because of how she was feeling.

I know there are other things gong on in her life and that she is under a lot of stress, but damn.  I’m hurt that she’s hurt.  I’m offended that she’s offended lol.  This had absolutely NOTHING to do with her, but she decided to be a coward and hide behind a text rather than resolve the issue.

I didn’t argue or even ask for something more solid than the lame excuse I was given because the day prior I was given an entirely different excuse.  I just thanked her, apologized and told her I would stop by the suite to pick up my things later.

And the fact that she took a screen shot of my meme and sent it to me with my “you’re fired” text is petty and unprofessional to me.  Wow…other people’s kids.

I won’t turn this into a racial thing, but I can’t deny that my mind hasn’t stoped reviewing my whole work experience with her looking for indicators.  Other than a few of her clients…and her not saying anything when her clients would say something offensive or just downright rude in my opinion, I got nothing.

On the up side I’m saving on miles and gas, time, cloths and some supplies.

She said she was up all night thinking about the meme and my “situation” and I believe she was, but only to the extent of her and her issues.  Nothing beyond that mattered.

I bare her no ill will.  She was great to work with and I did learn a few tricks of the nail trade.  And just like she said she wishes me all the best, I wish the same for her cause her hands are full with her life.  Interpret that how you will.

Perhaps this will make way for something greater.  I sure hope so.  It’s not fun constantly being discouraged.  That’s my life though…take that how you will.

Split Shift

Today I had my rendition of a split shift.  I started the day off at one salon at the top of the hill and finished my night at a second salon at the bottom of the hill.

Not much activity at the first salon which is not uncommon for me.  I don’t really mind though, especially since this is how it goes when you are still fairly new.  At least that’s what I’d like to believe.  It gave me time to compose an advert for myself for this app that’s used locally in the area.  Fingers crossed.

At the second salon I had a late appointment with a new client that was a referral.  I was a bit nervous as I often am whenever someone comes to this salon.  I’ll get into that much later.

The client was really nice, funny and super okay with the craziness that was going on.  For me that was a good sign cause I gauge a lot of the reactions of the patrons that come into the salon and judging by their facial expressions one can only assume that they are not amused.  Most days, I’m not either so I don’t blame them.

This client was jamming along with my fellow nail tech in our little nail corner and it was awesome.  I mean it took me long enough to do her service because leave it to someone who has acrylic on their nails to want it removed all of a sudden so they can have a regular manicure.  Smh.  So if she had to have a jam session to get through it then so be it!  Everyone loves a client with patience.

Conversations around us included but were not limited to ho’s, someone committing suicide and coming back from the dead and male strippers.  I just know that “male strippers” caught my attention and my clients lol.

I hope she keeps me as her nail tech.  She has a good vibe and really shined during my hand model photo shoot for my portfolio at the end!  I love it!!!


The Semi-Intro…

I love food, life is ok at the moment and I love observing people and their shenanigans.  So why not write about it all?

Now when I say shenanigans, I’m not talking about secret or dishonest activity or maneuvering per se, but of silly or high-spirited behavior; mischief.  And yes, I took those definitions from the dictionary and it probably wasn’t from Merriam-Webster.

A little about me.  I’m a cosmetologist.  This was and still is a big career change for me.  Some days I feel good about it and others I don’t. Especially since I’m on the older side of life, but hey while you’re judging at least weigh in on the fact that I am employed.  The pay could be and would be great if I had a much larger clientele but I would like to keep the faith that it will happen.  But you have to pay your dues when you’re starting something new.  Plus there is the irony that I don’t do hair.  I loathe doing hair.  So I do everything else instead.  Doing nails is my passion and after that, lashes and waxing.  The order of things might change, who knows?  I sure don’t.

Among other things, I like to write.  Blogging is something I have been thinking about for a while and just decided to follow through with.  Not sure if anyone will read it and that’s okay.  But this should be interesting.

This will be short and sweet.  I believe that’s a nice start.